Moose Plaid Bedding

Even if you’re not yet living in your dream cabin, it doesn’t hurt to go ahead and make your current living situation as close to it as possible.  By using the Moose Plaid Bedding set, a Black Forest Decor exclusive, one step into your bedroom and you will believe you are in your own cabin.

Moose Plaid BeddingThe color scheme in this rustic bed set, crimson, chocolate brown, and a neutral tan, will warm your bedroom.  The comforter in the features appliqués of two tan-colored moose flanking a red canoe with tan oars.  The canoe and oars are also featured on the 9″W x 20″L neckroll, which is fringed in cocoa brown bullion with a tan and brown plaid border, repeated on the comforter.  This same neutral-colored border is the pattern on the standard shams included in each Moose Plaid Bed Set.

Also included in each bed set are two euro shams (twin set has one), made of bold crimson microfiber suede with faux antler button accents.  To complement the bed set, the bedksirt is the same as the shams (crimson microfiber suede with antler accents).  Overall, the Moose Plaid Bedding is guaranteed to warm your bedroom with rustic lodge appeal.

To keep your bedding in excellent condition, regularly machine wash in warm water with a mild detergent and tumble dry on low (yes, the 100% polyester microfiber suede material is machine wash safe).

In just 1 to 2 weeks, your Bed Set will arrive at your doorstep, ready and eager to be placed on your bed.  While the package will most likely not require a signature, it is recommended that someone be available to accept the delivery.  At this time, the bedding cannot be shipped express or to Alaska or Canada.

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