Moose Adventure Bed Sets

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly yet stylish way to dress up your bed, the Moose Adventure Bedding Collection from Black Forest Decor could be what you need.  Made from heavy weight poly-fiber fleece, you can rest assured your purchase is not harmful to the ecosystem.  The earthy tones are soothing to the senses, perfect for your rustic cabin retreat.

Moose Adventure Bed SetsMidnight blue fish swim and chocolate brown moose roam on a beige background, while rust-colored fir trees flourish against the midnight blue.  This theme is easily repeated throughout your cabin bedroom decor, both by using the colors and repeating the fish and moose motif.  Against dark wood, the cream colors in the blanket will really pop.  Even against lighter wood, there is enough navy blue hue in the bedding to provide a solid contrast as an anchor.  Black Forest Decor, provider of this exclusive bedding set, also offers a wide variety of fishing decor and moose decor, in addition to rustic bedding.

A versatile collection, the Moose Adventure Fleece Bed Set translates well through all seasons.  During the dog days of summer, simply fold the Blanket Fleece over the end of the bed at night.  In the winter, you can cozy up underneath bundled away from harsh winter winds blowing outside your mountain cabin.

Included with the complete set, available in twin, queen, or king, is a blanket, 2 shams, and 2 accent pillows (1 with twin).  Of course, the blanket, shams, and accent pillows are all available for purchase separately.

Make your bed the focal point of your bedroom with the Moose Adventure Fleece Bed Set.  Black Forest Cabin Decor invites you to test out the incredible comfort and warmth this rustic bedding collection provides.

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