Fall Adventure Fleece Bedding

An optimal choice for bedding, fleece is “soft, lightweight, warm, comfortable,” and allows perspiration to pass right through it (“Polar Fleece“).  An alternative to wool for vegans or those with allergies or sensitivities to wool, fleece has the added benefit and capability of being made entirely out of recycled PET soda bottles or even recycled fleece.

Fall Adventure Fleece BeddingWith the upcoming autumn chill already being felt in many parts of the country, Black Forest Decor offers an exclusive bedding line with environmental and lifestyle concerns in mind: Fall Adventure Fleece Bedding, made from 100% recycled, heavy-duty fleece.  A 90% acrylic/10% polyester blend, this bedding is environmentally and washing machine friendly.  Cut your drying time by nearly 75%; fleece holds less than 1% of its weight in water.  With this in mind, the Fleece Blanket should only be put in a clothes dryer for a brief time; fleece is susceptible to damage from overheating in a dryer.

Functionality aside (the Fall Adventure Fleece Bedding is great for snuggling on chilly fall nights), this blanket will be an excellent addition to your rustic cabin decor.  Featuring an over-sized autumn leaf, acorn, and pine cone print, this rustic bedding set is highlighted by a geometric, Southwestern-inspired design.  Cedar, dark brown, tarragon, and beige colors ensure this set can be used with nearly any color of wall or sheet set and any type of wood.

Available in Twin, Queen, and King sizes, the Fall Adventure Fleece Bedding has an accompanying Fleece Sham sold separately.

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