Black Bear Naptime Tapestry Bedding Collection

Black Bear Naptime Tapestry Bedding CollectionWho is the youngest artist to win the Federal Duck Stamp Competition?  Who, in this same competition, received the first ever perfect score for a painting?  Whose artwork, name, and studio are featured in the movie “Fargo”?  If you said James Hautman, you’ve answered this question correctly.  Recipient of the earlier mentioned prestigious awards, among other honors and prizes, Hautman is also the 2011 Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year.  To get a glimpse of recent works, as well as those in progress, visit Hautman’s “Easel” on his website.

And for those who want to display one of Hautman’s amazing wildlife renditions in their own cabin, look no further.  The Black Bear Naptime Tapestry Bedding Collection allows you to incorporate  Hautman’s beautiful artwork as a throw for your bed.  Available in Twin, Full, Queen, and King sizes, the Tapestry Coverlet features a lounging mother black bear as the centerpiece.  Nestled against her are her two young cubs, snuggling and napping together.  As a finishing touch, the tapestry features a fringe with the same color threads that are woven through the throw.  Although it may seem delicate, this tapestry is made from a sturdy, machine washable blend (97% cotton/3% polyester).

To complement the Black Bear Naptime Tapestry Bedding Collection, Black Forest also offers a Tapestry Sham and an Accent Pillow with the same print.  Made of the same cotton/poly blend, these two pieces are easy to care for as well with an occasional machine wash.  This line is available exclusively through Black Forest Decor’s rustic bedding collection.

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