Black Bear Mountain Fleece Bedding

Black Bear Mountain Fleece BeddingEase your body into bed with the Black Bear Mountain Fleece Bedding, while also easing your mind: this Black Forest Decor exclusive item is made of 100% recycled fibers!  Many cabin owners cite environmental friendliness as one of their top concerns when outfitting their rustic cabins.  Often, consumers expect recycled bedding to be of a lesser quality than other available bedding options.  Expect to be surprised, then, by the incredible softness of these heavy duty fleece sheets.

The black bears stationed between evergreen tree triplets will guard and keep you safely as you sleep.  Thick bands of gray alternate between medium-sized strips of black with a Navajo-inspired print.  The Southwestern detailing, in bold black, red, blue, and amber hues, truly pops out in this fun alternative to more traditional cabin bedding.

The Black Bear Mountain Fleece Blanket comes in three different sizes: Twin, Queen, and King.  Matching shams are also available (measuring 27″W x 21″H).  This heavy duty fleece blanket will keep you warm and cozy during cold winter months, but still “breathes” enough to be used in certain summer clients.  Don’t hesitate – solve your cabin bedroom decorating dilemmas by using the Black Bear Mountain Fleece Bedding, a Black Forest Decor exclusive.

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